Janv. 2016 - Happy new year !


AviaUP wish you the best for 2016 !

At the beginning of this year, we are creating a new video on the techniques of folding the parachute teaching model to help you using it with your paragliding or paramotoring students.

July, 2014 - Website V2.0


We did a little lifting for AviaUP's website to make easier the order online process and to improve navigation on all devices (smartphone, tablet and desktop)

Apart from that, no much time to produce new products, the Paravia continues alone its carreer. It keeps being saled and used in paragliding and paramotor schools and clubs (and to our faithful "drone" pilots as well)

August, 21st 2013 - S-ENCIEL - Paramotor school


Sébastion Barbot (2013 french paramotor champion in trike tandem category) uses "Paravia" parachute teaching model for his paramotor school called S-ENCIEL. Thanks to him!

You can have more information about his school on his website:

February, 8th 2013 - PARAVIA - Drone rescue system


Paravia is also used by Drone pilots (aerial film and photograph) to rescue their expensive machine and camera. We did a special version with simpler POD and thin lines (to gain weight and volume when it's packed)
Our parachute is now officially recognized by french civilian aviation for this purpose through the accepted request to these autorities made by one of our first and believer Drone customer (for 4kg drone).
You can have more information on his website :

You can also watch here (à 0:23) a deployment in real conditions done and filmed by Drone-31.

Thanks to contact us or Drone-31 by email if you want to get a Paravia with special features for this specific use.

November, 17th 2012 - SNMVL


AviaUP develops its natural commitment with the professionals by making discounts to the SNMVL : french free flight professional teachers labor union (Syndicate)

Each SNMVL member can take advantage of a 10% discount on a Paravia (our brand new parachute model).

More information on

November 2012 - PEGUET - New AviaUP's partner!


PEGUET, famous french carabiner brand, become official AviaUP's partner. We warmly thank them.
Each Paravia will be now equiped with a small carabiner (little brother of the famous 7 mm Péguet carabiner that equips almost every paraglider pilot to ensure correct link between rescue parachute and harness)

More information on

September, 24th 2012 - Icare cup!

The Paravia was nominated at the prize of the innovation "Jean-Marc Mouligné".

September, 18th 2012 - At AEF Gliders' stand

A paravia will be on display at the stand A7 of AEF Gliders during the "Icare Cup"

See you soon!

Summer 2012 - A children's game...?

Packing : easy as a children's game...